The children's daily routine is based on the set meals.It is important to us that the children experience not only tasty, but also healthy cuisine.The parents bring their own breakfast for the children every day.It should be varied and wholesome.Sweet dishes are not welcome in our day care center!


The organic and vegetarian lunch is delivered by our certified caterer ProAgora. The quality standard is particularly important to us. A changing offer is guaranteed by a constant dialogue with parents and the caterer. For afternoon snacks we prepare fresh fruit and vegetables. It goes without saying that we take religious and medical needs into account! Still water and unsweetened teas are available to the children at all times.


For dental care reasons, we do not offer juices or other sweetened drinks in our facility. Cakes and sweets may only be eaten by the children on special occasions (celebrations and birthdays).

For us, meal time is a special time where we all, children and teachers sit together as a group. If the child is not hungry or has no appetite, He or she is not forced to eat, sometimes just sitting at the table with the other children who are eating can promote the child's appetite. Some children are passionate about eating, while others want to be persuaded to eat. If a child is not yet able to eat independently, we support them in this.We use this time for a very individual approach for each child.

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