Our pedagogical approach focuses on a "living"concept, which we constantly reflect upon together with our educators while taking into account the Berlin educational program, and thus adapting to the changing requirements. Our pedagogical model is the situational approach, which was developed in the 1970s in the course of the reform of preschool education. This is a conceptual approach that will change as we gain experience in pedagogical practice and as the needs of children and parents change.

Through our work according to the principles of the situational approach, we promote the autonomy, competencies and solidarity of the children. The children are supported in a playful and child-oriented way to understand their environment in order to shape it in a competent, self-determined and consciously creative way.

Our day care centres are designed as learning and educational facilities with regard to the situational approach. All pedagogical activities are interlinked to ensure the holistic promotion of the childrens competencies. We see our day care centres as an innovative and modern educational project for the physical, mental and emotional development of our infants, toddlers and preschool children.

The focus being on the following principles:




We observe the group, collect ideas from the children and encourage them to find solutions together. Of course, we give our children guidance, but always with the aim of not giving them “grown-up” ideas for solutions. The basic idea here is self-determined learning. The focus is on the children's independence, they set their own learning goals and follow their individual interests and skills.



We promote the targeted development of core competencies (ego, social and technical skills as well as learning methodological skills). Our educators communicate with the children and with the parents about which particular individual and collective learning content is important for the children. Our pedagogical concept enables a special form of competence expansion, which can be helpful for the future mastering of individual challenges.



In a daycare centre in particular, the feeling of togetherness, shared values and norms are of particular importance. Our children are viewed as individuals, while they perceive themselves as part of a community.With our pedagogical work we strive for a solidarity attitude of the children, which overcomes the "borders" between ethnic groups, religions and cultures. In everyday life at our daycare centres, solidarity means not discriminating against anyone, identifying with the group and feeling responsible for a harmonious coexistence.

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